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Services Training and Certifications

Nutanix Certified Services Certification Program focuses on enabling Nutanix employees and partners to deliver Professional services based on Nutanix Service Delivery Kits to ensure high-quality and standardized service delivery.

Services Enablement Program

The program is divided into four Certification Tracks.​​ ​Each Track has three certification levels: Proficient, Advanced, and Expert.

The Nutanix services training is designed as the outline of a subway map to assist with understanding the various steps necessary to obtain a certain type of certification.

training path-v2-01.png

For a detailed overview of the Services Enablement Certification program, review the Services Academy Guide.

Depending on your interests and goals, you can browse the available online courses that are separated into different catalogs.

If you prefer instructor-led classes, check out our class schedule. 

Nutanix Certified Services

Enablement Program Process

Contact us at for questions on Services Training and Certification. 

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