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Expert Service
Partner Certification

Expert Service Partner Certification is rewarded to Nutanix Services Partners that have reached the expert level service delivery skill set and can deliver that practice's full-service offering portfolio. 

Partners that achieve the Expert Service Partner Certification are recognized by the Nutanix CEO, stating they are Nutanix Expert Certified.

At least one resource needs to obtain the Expert level for their company to be awarded the Expert Service Partner Certification.

Partners can use this recognition to help sell and compete as well as show clients they are experts in Nutanix Services.

The Expert on staff can help train and shadow colleagues to make more experts within their company.


Expert Badges will be available in each practice:

  • Multi-Cloud Infrastructure (MCI)

  • Database Modernization (NDB)

  • End-User Computing (EUC)

  • Multi-Cloud Automation (MCA).

In order to achieve the Expert level badge, each individual must complete a set of curriculum that includes the following:


  • NCS-Core

  • NCS Proficient

  • NCS Advanced

  • NCS Expert.

Contact us at for questions on the Expert Services Partner program.
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