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NCS | FastTrack for Files
Instructor-led class

We aim to enable the students to deliver services based on Nutanix Service Delivery Kits to ensure high-quality and standardized service delivery.

This 1-day instructor-led training will help prepare Nutanix Certified Services employees and partners to deliver FastTrack for NUS Files Service and provide them with hands-on experience in a lab environment. Certificates of completion are awarded after successful completion of the online assessment.

The course content is designed to point students to relevant documentation and to help students:

  • Understand the Service Scope

  • Use related Nutanix Service Delivery Kit

  • Describe NUS Files architecture and feature set and how it integrates with AOS and Disaster Recovery (DR)

  • Deploy NUS Files

  • Migrate from legacy storage to NUS Files (copy up to 2 non-nested SMB or NFS shares and a small dataset of up to 25 GB) using optional Nutanix tools.

More information about FastTrack for NUS Files Service can be found here.

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