Service Partner program

The Nutanix Service Partner Program is loosely aligned with our Channel Program, but separate from it.  You can be a Nutanix Service Partner without also being a Channel Partner.  Of course, you can be both!

The Nutanix Service Partner brochure outlines the entire program.


Signing up as a Services Partner

Get access to the Partner Portal where you can find training, downloads and all the things you need to be successful!

Sign up at https://www.nutanix.com/partners/become-a-partner and choose the "Consulting Services Partner" option in the last drop-down.

Not already part of the Nutanix Partner Program?

If you are not currently a Nutanix Channel Partner then the first step to becoming a Services Partner is to sign up with the NPN

Download the Sub-contracting agreement


Let us know if you accept this document or send back a redlined version to your Partner Services Manager.

No need to sign it, we will send it to you via DocuSign.

Execute the Sub-Contracting Agreement (MSA)

Becoming part of the Service Partner program requires the execution of some legal documents

So we can get you into our payment system we'll need some extra documentation.  Send these back to your Partner Services Manager.

Submit Financial Details​

We'll need some information about you so we can issue POs and pay you

Fill out the Skills Matrix for your Nutanix resources and send it back together with your Rate Card to your Partner Services Manager.

Advertise your Skills​

Get your consultants ready for an engagement

Once you are ready to accept work from us, you can find details below on how to engage with us, how to get paid and much more.

How is work assigned to me?

Your Point of Contact person will receive an email from either the RMO (Resource Management Office) or a PM within Nutanix (varies slightly be region). This email lays out the engagement and will contain an offered rate based on the work to be done and the negotiated rate cards. Please note that our installation rates are inclusive of travel and expenses unless otherwise noted in a SOW. Do not book travel or make any other arrangements until you receive the final acceptance from the responsible party within Nutanix (RMO or PM). For any questions around an engagement, please contact either the RMO (all of Americas) or the PM for the project (all other regions).

Invoicing and Payment

Once the work has been signed off by the customer, you can submit your invoice. Make sure to include your PO number that you received from us. Also make sure that your payment terms correspond to the term indicated in your sub-contracting agreement (default 45 days). Submit the invoice to one of the following email addresses depending on your region:

  • invoices@nutanix.com (Americas - US, Canada, Latin America)
  • intl_invoices@nutanix.com (All countries other than Americas and India)
  • finance_india@nutanix.com (India)
Note that you will not receive a confirmation email from Accounts Payable unless specifically requested. You will be paid according to your payment terms based on the date of the invoice. For any questions around invoicing, please send an email to invoices@nutanix.com.

What we expect from our partners (Project Managers)

Typically we expect our partners to provide project management support for their engagements. Watch the " Performing Services as a Nutanix Sub-Contractor" video - it explains how you and your consultants should act in front of the customer. Get a Nutanix email address as outlined above. In addition, please go through the PM Onboarding PPT and schedule a call with the RMO (Resource Management Office) if you have any questions. When you are managing an engagement and run into any problems onsite, please use this form to report any issues.​

Performing Services for Nutanix

As a Nutanix sub-contractor you will be representing Nutanix and will appear to the customer as a Nutanix employee. You should be wearing a Nutanix shirt and you can get them from our Nutanix store. We suggest these shirts for Men and Women. You can of course choose anything else from the store as desired. You will be issued a Nutanix email address and any communications to the customer about the engagement should be made using your Nutanix email address. If you do not have one before you go on an engagement, have your Nutanix Point of Contact person request one from the Partner Services team. Once you have been assigned a Nutanix email address you will receive an email from your POC with the initial password. You will also receive further instructions on how to get access to your Nutanix email Inbox.

Using Logos and Nutanix Intellectual Property

When you achieve Nutanix certifications you will be issued with electronic badges. You may use these to advertise the fact that you are certified on all media (signatures, business cards, etc.) When you sign up with the NPN you will have access to the Nutanix Services Delivery Kits. You may use these to perform your own services and are expected to use them and the deliverables contained therein when you perform services for us. The materials are updated regularly but are provided AS IS. You assume any and all liabilities when you use them.

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