Now that you passed the formal training, here are a few more resources to help you be successful onsite. 


1. Performing Services as a Nutanix sub-contractor

This video will show you what it means to represent yourself as a Nutanix employee.

2. Getting Support


Next up is a video on Support Portal Best Practices.  The procedures outlined here should always be your first line of defense before you reach out to your remote mentor, seek help on the #_ntnx-nsp-consultants Slack channel or call Support directly.

Nutanix Services Kits

The Services Kits have been created to facilitate an engagement from the pre-sales stages right through to customer hand-off. Make sure you become familiar with the ones that pertain to the type of service you will be delivering. Most likely you will be using the Cluster Deploy or one of the VDI kits.​ Each Kit is split into 3 directories: Pre-Delivery, Delivery and Post-Delivery. Each contains the documents necessary for the specific stage of the project. There is also a document on "How to Use this Kit". It has valuable information on each of the different assets in the kit and how to use them properly.​ Pay particularly close attention to the check-lists contained in the kits. They make it easy to keep track of the various stages of the project as well as any information that needs to be collected, has been collected and what needs to be delivered to the customer.

Help with your First and Second Engagement

For your first engagement, you should shadow an experienced Nutanix consultant from your company. If your company is new to Nutanix Services, we will assign a Nutanix Services Consultant to you that will accompany you. They will help you with any issues you might encounter during your first outing. ​For your second engagement, we will assign you a Nutanix consultant for remote support.

Cheat Sheets

For a list of commonly used commands while installing a Nutanix cluster, consult this cheat sheet. Another good source is this page on how to create a cluster from the command line. For a list of commands used during a Hyper-V installation on Nutanix, consult this cheat sheet.